From The Lady of the Mist

“Your tears are mine. Let the rain fall, let the mist cloud your eyes. In those moments I am there. I will guide you from grief into a new land. Your tears water your dreams so that they will sprout like seeds and grow like flowers and bring joy to all who see. I am the Lady of the Mists. Where eyes cannot see I beacon and call, guiding the way. In your sorrow I am there. In your transition I am there: calling, guiding. You are not alone. I will lead you to safety. Fear not your tears. Fear not the fog. Like the rain brings new life so your tears wash away the old and calls forth the new.”


Let Them

When the tears come let them fall

When the waves rush let them crash

Stand and breathe

Like the tree who says thank you to the rain and thank you to the sun

Stand and trust

Like the rock polished smooth by the river

Stand and know

Like the caterpillar bound in the chrysalis

Stand and believe

Though the tears come and the waves crash

Let them



You Said That You Loved Me

A drunken roll

as my eyes find the ceiling

a familiar feeling.

I see a light

Soul feels the darkness surround

Why is my body bound?

Brightest darkness

I am imprisoned by wine

Why have you crossed this line?

I cannot move

Your strong hands grip my ankles –

hateful shackles.

I cannot breathe

Pressing the life out of me

Silently beg, “set me free”

A piercing pain

The sound finds my throat again –

I begin crying when,

I now realize

You said that you loved me.


This is not love

Your violation of me

today has set me free

for now I see

my worth of me reflected.

I have not accepted

my wounded Soul.

Return, my damaged Self,

affection will be wealth,

tenderness yours.

I will now say, “I love you”

and every word is true.

Never again

a violation like this –

I will grant you this wish.

Peace, Joy, & Love

There is beauty all around you. Love and blessings flow. It is all available to you: right now, at your fingertips. It is only a matter of what you choose to see and what you allow to come inside. Joy and peace are not situational. Joy and peace are found within. Is your heart at peace? Nothing can shake you. Is joy your life’s song? Nothing can silence you. Be in love. Be peace-full. Be joy-full! These are a foundation that cannot be moved, so choose love. Choose peace. Choose joy.


8 Reasons I Love My Naked Body

Inspiring, beautifully heartfelt, and something every woman should read.

The Giving Tree 3

  1. My aged, sun-damaged skin.IMG_7232
  2. My freakishly big calves.
  3. My tiny, sagging breasts.
  4. My crooked teeth.
  5. My cellulite.
  6. My rough, not-so-dainty hands.
  7. My stomach looks 3 months pregnant after a large meal because my stomach muscles are separated.
  8. My stretch marks.

If I focus too hard on them, or get pulled into the media’s brainwashing, I could easily fall into the nasty (and far too common amongst women) habit of being self-conscious of these individual imperfections. Strangely, though, when I look at my nude body as a whole, I love what I see.  The way my physical body has evolved through my life, and these so-called physical flaws tell the story of who I am:

  1. I am in love with the sun and the sensation of its heat on my bare skin– it’s worth every wrinkle.
  2. I come from a long line of strong, long-lived, big-calved women– this physical trait keeps…

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Let Me Stay Here

In this beautiful moment my soul feels free flying above, observing this extraordinary existence. Let me stay here where the untethered soul dances to the songs of the vast darkness, where I am most aware of my own light. What shall I speak? What shall I express?

This universal, creative energy is coursing through my whole being. I am dancing on planets, souring through stars, whispering to the trees, dancing with the wind in this one beautiful moment. Let me stay here where my past is healed with the love of our Great Spirit, where my future sits contentedly in the dark matter of our universe, where all that is is here in this beautiful moment. Let me stay here.

For Her

Jules Heart

A little girl told me what happened.

In the midst of my own self-pity, wallowing in the mud of my not-so-distant past, haunted by the memories of unending torment, hate, fear, pain sinking into the numb pit of my existence turning, shifting into self-loathing, disgust, and self-hatred.

She told me.

Her tearful words were a dagger in my chest, but not the dagger that I had prayed for night after night.


Her words pierced my heart with a pain I could not describe. Even now, I cannot describe such a flurry of emotions, such a sinking
to the bottom.

And it was there, face down on the carpet of my half-empty apartment, that I chose. I chose for her. I chose for you. I chose for my little child to stand up.

To stand up and say LOVE is the answer. Shed your hatred and your blame. Leave it all behind. For you are not that little person you once were. You are now big, strong, and courageous. Lift up your eyes and see the beauty of today.

Wash your being in the loveliness of love – experience its healing power. Dress your heart in the happiness of life. Be that which you’ve always dreamed. Clear your eyes of the fogginess of yesterday. Recognize the opportunity of this moment. For in this moment YOU are powerful. There is no past that can restrain you.


Your past can only propel you…

Forward or backward or downward or upward, whichever you choose. Choose.

I chose and I choose for that little girl who reminded me of me.

There is hope powerful enough to move us and love potent enough to heal us.

And that is what I choose.

Much Love,



The universe is always reminding me that what I think is what I get. It is truly amazing.

– A sunflower pops up in the most unexpected place (like right outside my front door).
– I meet people who possess the exact skills I’ve been wanting to learn.
– New clients come my way.
– Encouragement flows in from every angle.

And the list goes on.

Some days my vision is cloudy and these things don’t seem as incredible as they do right now. But this morning I awoke to beauty. The beauty of my own power. The beauty of my deep mind. The thought of “anything is possible.”

I want to bask in this moment’s sunshine; soaking in the sensation of love. Impervious, in this small yet infinite space, to any irritant. I live in a world where you think about sunflowers and that’s what you get.



Habits. The ones I have I usually see in a negative light. The habits I desire to instill are the good, next-to-impossible, should-have-done-a-long-time-ago things. Why is that? Why is it that I look at my life and I see my “bad-habits” and longingly gaze into the horizon at all the “good-habits” I only dream to possess?

I know the answer in part, but that’s not really what I want to talk about. What I want to talk about is THINKING and BELIEVING. Believing is a habitual thought process and my mind is a strong believer. Unfortunately, not all of my beliefs are beneficial to my life. Some of them only do me harm: “I won’t be able to complete (insert any imaginable project, plan, commitment, or anything else that might require completion or devotion).” This thought rolls over in my head like a dried up tumbleweed scattering its seeds of doubt-filled poison. It sprouts where I least expect it, at the most inopportune moments and watches as I recoil from its prickly thorns – claiming its space in my head. Defeated I back away; another win for the tumbleweed, my welcomed enemy.

That’s what it is: my welcomed enemy. I’ve said, “There’s no wind? Allow me to push you around that you may seed my mind.”

“You need water? Let me shower you with refreshment so that your roots may grow.”

Just like that I tend to this weed in my mind allowing – asking it even – to thrive. And thrive it does. With every doubt, every moment of denying my dreams, every untouched potential, with every sealing of my lips, closing of my heart, rejection of myself I nourish this adversary.

So what must be done? A clearing. Weed and till the soil. Wipe it out. Remove every root and rock!

What now? I have this beautiful plot of earth. Its purpose is to nurture thoughts, love, and dreams not doubt and fear. Before the tumbleweed returns, I must plant something!

I’ll plant sunflowers. They’ll grow big and tall. Humans, birds, and other small creatures will enjoy their brilliance and their shade. The winds will toss their seeds about preparing for a new season. They will continue to grow and grow, so tall and so big that even should a tumbleweed sneak its way in it won’t find the wind or the naked soil that it needs because it will be in a forest of sunflowers.

You’re Great

If there is one thing I want you to know it is that there is divine greatness inside of you. It is the yolk of your existence, the treasure of your spirit: share yourself, allow yourself. Recognize fear and drape it with love. When you hear “I can’t” know that strength is within you. When you hear “I don’t know” know that within you lies the infinite knowledge of the universe. YOU are great. YOU are beautiful. YOU are love. You are that which you have always known: greatness of the divine.